Interventional Pain Medicine

Advanced Pain Modalities is an organization of physicians that integrates various modalities of treatment for both acute and chronic pain we are simply pain doctors. The primary areas to be integrated include:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Neurology
  • Psychology
  • Surgery
  • Invasive Pain Specialists

As invasive pain specialists we work towards fulfillment of an integrated practice incorporating the above components. The services which are offered include:

  • Consultation with patients with both chronic and acute pain
  • Pharmacologic management of patients with chronic pain
  • Special techniques which are utilized to reduce the patient’s pain and therefore dependence upon pharmacology to control their discomfort
  • Pain Management
  • Back pain
  • Epidural

What to expect

  • When a referral is made by the PCP, the expectation should be for consultation, evaluation and management of the patient’s particular pain presentation and dilemma: pain management. Our first goal is to determine a diagnosis. There may one or more of these. If necessary a treatment plan for each diagnosis will be developed.
  • This detailed treatment plan, or algorithm, will contain pharmacological and procedural approaches that would be used to control the patients’ pain. Our goal is to help the patient control their pain and increase their participation in their activies of daily life.
  • This algorithm would be followed to its logical conclusion. We would certainly start with the least invasive and safest pharmacologic approaches, and if necessary moving to the more invasive procedures depending on the situation and circumstances presented by the patient.

We make every effort to stay in contact with the PCP/referring physician at all times. This would enable us to form a more cohesive and necessary approach to pain management for the chronic pain patient.

Chronic pain patients represent a subgroup of the overall population. Within this group individuals may require the services of other specialists. These include psychology, physiatry, physical therapy, addiction specialists, medical or gynecologic specialists, and of course surgery. Our approach to each patient may necessitate referral to one of these specialists.

If referral to another specialist is needed, discussion with the original referring physician will occur. Discussed will be the benefits and/or risks of patient referral and preference of physician to be consulted.

Once treatment has been completed to the satisfaction of both the patient and our physicians, the patient would be referred back to the PCP/referring physician. The pateint and the referring physician would continue the course of therapy unless problems arise.

If problems arise, the patient would be referred back to our doctors for review. It may be necessary to change the patients medications, suggest a different pattern of physical therapy, repeat invasive therapy or obtain a surgical opinion.


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