Back Pain

Everybody has back pain, or so it would seem.  Some form of back pain or discomfort occurs in 65-80% of the general population.  The older you are , the more likely you are to have some form of back pain.  Most people complain of lower back pain but really back pain can occur in the mid back region or in the neck area.  For our discussion on this page , we will be talking about lower back pain or pain below the ribs.

Lower back pain has many causes and can vary between recurrent back strain and the more serious conditions.  Most people with recurrent back pain have improvement with their pain over several weeks.  Common treatments use bedrest and NSAIDS such as ibuprophen or Naprosyn or Tylenol.  Of course back pain can be complicated and can involve disk herniations, arthritis or fractures.  These problems are less likely to resolve with the simple treatments stated previously.  Interventional treatments are sometimes necessary or even surgery.  These treatments are discussed in greater detail in the Interventional  Medicine section.  They reduce inflammation and ‘kick-start’ the body’s anti-inflammatory system.

Regenerative medicine has a place in the treatment of spinal pain/low back pain.  Using your own bodies platelets or stem cells we can now reduce pain without the use of steroids or anti-inflammatory medicines.  Regenerative treatments can be used for facet and sacral-iliac joint disease, spinal ligament tears and even injected into the disks.  Results depend on the type of disease and its severity.  Overall improvement is seen in 60-70% of facet joint problems and in some reports greater than 74% improvement in SI joint pain.  The results can extend over several years, again depending on type and severity of the problem.

These regenerative precision injections are performed in the office, saving the patient the cost of an out patient surgery center.  All spinal procedures are performed under fluoroscopic guidance, this assures proper placement of the regenerative material.


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