Two Top Doctors in One Office!

It’s with great pride that I announce both Dr. Pellegrino and myself were nominated for the 2012 Phoenix Magazine “Top Doctors.”  We thank our esteemed colleagues for nominating us.  See page 214 in this prestigious publication for our listings.

2 Responses to Two Top Doctors in One Office!

  • donna thorpe says:

    I have retrolisthesis and spinal stenosis and a knee that is bone on bone. Can you help?

    • Dr. Dave Herbert says:

      As you probably know, retrolisthesis is the movement of vertebral bodies and can be primarily responsible for the condition known as spinal stenosis. This movement of the vertebral bodies, at the disc level, can range from a few millimeters to over 1-1/2 cm. If the retrolisthesis is severe, surgery is usually the only corrective procedures.

      As pain physicians at APM, we know that other conditions can cause spinal stenosis. These include disc protrusions and facet swelling. These conditions can be a secondary source of pain or can worsen the pain from retrolisthesis. If these conditions are present, injection therapy can help significantly.

      I recommend that you speak to one of our physicians and allow them to do to a review of your studies. This will shed more light on your situation and what may be done to control your pain other than surgery.

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